Mozart Mud

Welcome to Mozart! A text-based multiplayer game in a medieval fantasy environment, Mozart is one of the oldest Muds still extant on the Internet. With a large variety of character races and classes, hundreds of skills and spells, and an extensive world that offers challenges to all levels of play from the humblest apprentice to the mightiest avatar, Mozart Mud has continually expanded and evolved since its debut in 1993. We welcome you to join us at telnet:// and discover for yourself the rich texture of this very special place.


Some of our features:

  • Stable code. Uptimes of less than two weeks are extremely rare, and we've gone as long as ten months between reboots.
  • Twenty-eight thousand rooms comprised of nearly two hundred areas—mostly original, with the best of the stock areas, all modified to greater or lesser extent—with more being added all the time.
  • Twenty-seven races, from dwarf to cambion to svirfneblin.
  • Fourteen classes, from warrior to monk to inquisitor.
  • Over five hundred skills, spells, and specialties, from palm to pyromancy to prismatic sphere.
  • Nearly four hundred and fifty social commands, which can be used on objects as well as your fellow players.
  • Attributes on a one-to-one-hundred scale.
  • A detailed alignment system, where whether you're good, neutral, or evil depends on more than just what you kill.
  • Ninety-nine mortal levels.
  • Eleven avatar levels, each with a specific skill, spell, or power for each class.
  • Detailed help files.
  • No-loss player-killing Arena, Battlefield, and Mudbowl.
  • An immense Underdark, with more original rooms than many entire Muds, where player-killing is legal.
  • Advanced convenience and input features, including command history, history editing, input cancellation, the ability to enter multiple commands in one input line, aliases, and the ability to ignore annoying players.
  • Portals, buttons, and levers that can be manipulated by players.
  • Brew your own potions; scribe your own scrolls.
  • Percentage-based equipment loading, so high-level characters don't all have the same gear.
  • Near-continuous regeneration. No waiting seventy-five seconds for a tick to get your mana back.
  • All the usual features no self-respecting mud is without—fully configurable ansi color and prompts, free rent, fully saving inventory, etc.